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Date added: 09-14-2015 Rating: 90
Description : Busty Thayla Cyclone poses and spreads her big butt in flashy lingerie, revealing a growing secret to hard stud Alex Victor. They suck each other's uncut prick with Thayla perched over him in 69 position. He rims her deep crack and porks her bubble rump, making her wail. It's a serious anal pounding with her thick cock and balls tucked back through her legs, and Thayla sucks dick ass-to-mouth. So does Victor, after Thayla slam-fucks his ass. He creams her big, dramatically tan lined boobs; she jacks jism onto her flat belly. An instant replay shows both climaxes from a different angle.
Date added: 08-13-2015 Rating: 99
Description : Wearing a lacy fishnet ensemble that shows off her phat, round booty, sultry Brazilian she-male Brenda Louise Castro winks her butthole for the camera, making her stiff boner bob and sway. Soon she's on all fours, sucking the big cock of eager male stud Alex Victor. Alex passionately reams the glamorous T-girl's tight ass before getting ass-fucked by Brenda's hard lady-dick. He takes a deep butt banging, slurps Brenda's throbbing she-meat ass-to-mouth and receives a sticky load of jism.
Date added: 04-11-2015 Rating: 100
Description : Stunning, blonde Latina TS Bianca Cordelly's white bikini complements her gorgeous, tanned body but can't hide her fun bulges. The lovely-legged, hot-assed cutie with the thick, blow job lips winks her butthole and unleashes an uncut prick that grows from tiny to titanic in her stroking hand. Alex Vitor swallows the big, bouncy boner whole! They trade deep-throating and rim jobs. Bianca reams him deeply, her ass pumping and slamming, and Alex sucks she-cock ass-to-mouth. She cranks his legs back like he's a woman and dominantly plows his rectum. He rims and then fucks Bianca's hot butt. With his cock buried, she jacks to orgasm. Alex cleans her orally and slops his own cum on her tongue and face.
Date added: 02-22-2015 Rating: 92
Description : Frisky blonde Gaby Abelha and pigtailed, dark-haired cutie Gabriela Ferrari are adorable Latina princesses who each have a stiff, throbbing surprise inside their lacy panties! Yes, these cute TS temptresses love playing with each other's meaty she-dicks, and when lucky stud Alex Victor joins them, we've got a kinky, gender-bending threesome of blowjobs, butt fucking and ass-to-mouth pleasure in store! Gaby, Gabriela and Alex even create a lewd anal daisy chain, finishing up with the musky flavor of sperm.