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Samantha Q

  • Number of Videos: 2
  • 10-11-2013
  • 79994
  • Last update in: Samantha

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  • 8.7/10

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Date added: 09-20-2013 Rating: 81
Description : Sexy, glamorous Samantha is a gorgeous Italian she-male sporting a huge surprise tucked between her thighs. This raven-haired TS temptress performs a slow striptease, peeling out of her alluring lingerie... until she reveals her massive, curved, uncircumcised, elephant-trunk cock! Samantha makes her giant she-boner bounce up and down, the floppy foreskin swaying in rhythm. She strokes the meaty shaft and gets down on her knees to display her plump ass cheeks. Finally, this sensuous, thrillingly hung lady-boy makes herself cum by hand.