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Walkiria Drumond

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Date added: 09-22-2015 Rating: 100
Description : Buxom she-male Walkiria Drumond's sheer, seamed stockings hold her thick, meaty bonus in place when the pierced blonde bends it back into her ass crack. She shares devoted cocksucking with bald, muscular Christian, who deeply rims Walkiria from behind. He butt-fucks her as she jacks off; she easily deep-throats his giant prick ass-to-mouth, and she sucks his dick while boning his ass! With his meat wedged up her rear, she jacks a spunky mess onto her tummy. Christian slurps the semen and they share a mouth kiss. He creams her mouth and her big, dramatically tan-lined boobs. After cum shot instant replays, Walkiria plays and pisses in the shower.